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Professional handyman ready to do repairs.If you need Lawton handyman service, call OK Handyman of Lawton! We can repair, replace, or install fixtures in any area of your home. We have staff who are certified in every area of home repair and installation, so you’ll be in good hands no matter what type of handyman services you need. Whatever it is, we can fix it for you!

OK Handyman of Lawton offers a wide range of services, from simple jobs to much more complex ones. We can tackle several items on your to-do list in a single day, or we can complete a large job within a few hours.

We can take on any of the jobs that you don’t want to fool with or can’t handle on your own, including garage door repair, gutter cleaning, or we can repair fixtures that are leaking water or wired incorrectly. Let our professionals complete the job in a fraction of the time it would take you!

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Services We Offer

The handyman services Lawton homeowners need to keep their property looking great and functioning properly all fall into a few general categories. From installing new window screens to services that repair fixtures in the bathroom, kitchen, or living room, OK Handyman of Lawton can do it all!

Master carpenters that can create and design accent features and storage components in your Lwton home.


Our master carpenters can design and create new accent features, weight-bearing walls, and functional storage components for your home. They are experienced and know what homeowners want when it comes to book cases, kitchen cabinets and much more!

Safe and effective electrical wiring done by a professional in Lawton.


Electrical issues aren’t only aggravating, but they can also be dangerous. Don’t fool around with wiring issues yourself when OK Handyman of Lawton can take care of electrical issues quickly and efficiently. Electrical repair Lawton residents need should never be done by an amateur! Our electricians can identify problems with your wiring, or they can fully wire a new addition to your home or business.

Efficient plumbing service available in Lawton.


Clogged toilets, slow drains, and broken ice makers are all issues that can disrupt your day and make your home less enjoyable and comfortable. Luckily, they’re all things OK Handyman of Lawton can repair within a few hours! We know how irritating plumbing problems can be, so we’ll do everything we can to get yours taken care of ASAP!

If you need a complete home makeover that includes carpentry, electrical work, and painting, call us.

Room Makeover

Designing and executing a room makeover Lawton homeowners ask for is one of our biggest pleasures! We have a team that can handle your room makeover from start to finish, including the carpentry, electrical work, and painting that needs to be done.

Create a more comfortable environment from the outside in, give us a call now.

Exterior Maintenance

The exterior maintenance of your home is important. Not only will it increase the curb appeal of your home or business, but it will also make your property safer and cleaner, and it will last longer and be more efficient.

We have the best painters in Lawton that can give you high quality painting service.


The painting Lawton homes and businesses need to look flawless and gorgeous is available at OK Handyman of Lawton! Professional painters have their hands full with big jobs, and they often don’t want to fool with smaller jobs. We specialize in odd jobs, one room, or exterior painting, and we don’t mind working on a painting project of any size!

Our motto is, “We can fix it for you!” and we really mean it! Being a full-service handyman for Lawton residents, we know exactly what it takes to make your home or business look great, and we can ensure that everything is functioning the way it’s supposed to. From gutter cleaning that protects your landscaping to garbage disposal repair Lawton residents can’t live without, we offer every handyman service you can think of!

Reasons to Choose OK Handyman of Lawton

Home and business owners choose us for many reasons. Some simply don’t have the time to do the chores themselves, and others don’t have the skill, expertise, or tools to complete handyman tasks professionally.

When you’re having work done on your home or business, we know that you want it to be done well, quickly, and affordably. Some contractors will tell you that you can have two of these things at any given time, but we say that you can have all three every time!

There are many reasons to choose OK Handyman of Lawton. Our customers will tell you that these reasons are a few of many that they trust us to handle their handyman services:


Saves Time

You have so much to do, and you certainly don’t want to spend your free time doing handy work, especially if you don’t enjoy working with your hands. We can do most jobs within a few hours!

Professional Workmanship

It’s so important to have certain jobs done professionally. Plumbing and electrical repair Lawton home and business owners have done should be sound and reliable!


Having a professional do the repairs or installation will ensure that you and your family stay safe during the job, and it will also keep you safe in the future, knowing that the job was done right! Don’t get injured climbing a ladder or working with old, unreliable wiring!

Reduces Stress

Your time at home can be yours again, plus you can avoid the frustration and stress that home repairs cause, especially when nothing goes as planned!

Saves Money

You’ll save money in the long run by letting us do your garage door repair or the painting Lawton homes and businesses require from time to time.

First-rate Customer Service

Our customers are treated like friends and family, because that’s exactly how we see them! The handyman service Lawton customers receive from us comes standard with amazing customer service no matter how big or small the job.
If you need anything, from garbage disposal repair Lawton residents need to a complete room makeover Lawton has no better choice that OK Handyman of Lawton! We fix broken things, make improvements, and design sensible solutions for customers with changing needs. Because we don’t limit ourselves to one type of service or another, we’re able to give our customers the best of everything, with an amazing staff and the widest range of services you’ll find anywhere!
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