Expert Room Makeover Service in Stillwater

Excellent and complete room makeover service in Stillwater.When a room of your home needs an update or when your family is outgrowing it, OK Handyman of Stillwater can rejuvenate it and provide the space your family needs to enjoy many more years in your happy home!

We are a handyman service, which means that we can handle every element of a renovation Stillwater residents want done. We have team members who are experts in electrical, carpentry, plumbing and interior painting, so you can trust that the end result will be perfect. We can do the minor details like flawless drywall repair Stillwater homeowners want to the big stuff like moving the bathroom fixtures and adjusting the plumbing and electrical system to match up seamlessly, ensuring that you get professional results every step of the way!

We also have varied experience dealing with all sorts of people and their individual needs, so our customer service is exemplary as well! If you have the idea, stop dreaming and let us help you design and create the room makeover Stillwater customers will be talking about for years to come!

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OK Handyman of Stillwater wants to be the only team you need to do any type of room makeover you envision, whether it’s necessary or purely for your enjoyment. We can do a simple renovation Stillwater customers will be impressed with, or we can gut the room and start over, basically from scratch. No matter how complex the remodeling job is, each customer gets our full attention and the best service we have to offer. If you’ve been thinking about a room makeover Stillwater resident, the time to call your local handyman is NOW!

From the fun stuff – picking out new cabinets and installing a new stone fireplace, to more tedious chores like interior painting and drywall repair Stillwater homes and businesses need when they’re getting a real facelift, OK Handyman of Stillwater can do it all!

Here are a few of the things we can do to make any room in your home look better and be more comfortable for your family:

  • Interior painting
  • Trim and crown molding installation
  • Hardware installation
  • Brick, stone, or metal accent features
  • Drywall repair
  • Door and window installation

We can also do a room makeover for your commercial property. Whether you own a restaurant, store, or office, it will need to be updated from time to time to keep your employees and customers invested in your company in one way or another. Your commercial room remodel can include all of the same features that a residential renovation would, but we’ll also give special attention to the kind of work you do and we’ll do our best to stay out of your way whenever possible!

When you’re ready to make an old room look new again, there’s only one logical place to call: OK Handyman of Stillwater! With our wide range of services and skills, you won’t find a better equipped team with a stronger commitment to giving customers exactly what they want and a whole lot more!

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