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Bixby Handyman Service

Handyman with tape measure and safety helmet in Bixby.OK Handyman of Tulsa serves customers all over Tulsa and beyond, including Bixby homes and businesses. We can help any home or business owner who doesn’t have the time or ability to do home maintenance and improvement tasks themselves like painting Bixby residents need, or we can repair fixtures and clean the gutters to give your home a simple upgrade.

When you choose to let us help around the house, you’ll get much more than what meets the eye. Our services provide customers all of the following:

  • Saving them time. It makes more sense to let a professional handle your growing list of handyman services rather than wasting your long awaited weekend doing these chores yourself! We can do several different jobs within a few hours, giving you the freedom get out of the house and back to doing what you enjoy!
  • Provides additional safety. Having a pro do repairs and installations will prove a safer solution than doing amateur work yourself or letting an unlicensed, uninsured contractor handle them in case something goes wrong. Unless you’re trained and certified, you put your family at risk when you do home improvement tasks yourself.
  • Money savings. When you’re interested in saving some money, the natural solution is to forego the cost of a professional contractor, but you can waste more money figuring out how to do a simple chore than it would cost to let us handle it in the first place.
  • Results that are second-to-none. Getting spectacular results shouldn’t be something you hope will happen. Choose OK Handyman of Tulsa to get guaranteed results no matter how big or small the job. Whether it’s installing a new light fixture or unclogging a drain, our results are guaranteed!
  • Work done fast. The only thing that’s better than getting the work done well is having it completed quickly. We’ll be done before you know it, and your home or office will be better than ever once we’re through!

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    Once you’ve made the wise decision to use the best handyman service Bixby has to offer for your home and business repairs, installations, and new additions, you’ll be even happier to find that we can handle any subsequent needs that you have with our comprehensive services, including all of the following:


    Carpentry service available in Bixby.When you’re considering a room makeover Bixby homeowners will love to show off, you’ll often start by rearranging the room a dozen different ways in your mind. If you aren’t sure what is possible for your home or business, talk with one of our expert carpenters to find out what your options are!

    You may decide that changing the traffic flow of a room is the best choice. In that case, we can help you design it and make the necessary changes with professional attention to detail. This will require expert knowledge of carpentry, drywall repair, and painting Bixby residents want to be absolutely perfect when the job is done.

    Our carpentry services are often the first step in a major remodeling project or a complex repair. If you have decided to do a project on your own or if storm damage has forced you to make some home repairs, let us help you get the ball rolling…and then completely wrap up the project within days, not weeks.

    Our carpentry skills are wide ranging, so we can complete any project you dream up, from a simple repair to one-of-a-kind constructions that you and our team design. If you aren’t sure what will best fit your needs, you can consult our master carpenters for creative solutions that not just any Bixby handyman can successfully create for you!

    Small Electrical

    Electrical service available in Bixby.Small electrical services include anything that has to do with your interior or exterior wiring and electricity. OK Handyman of Tulsa is happy to help our customers by doing electrical inspections, repairs, and wiring for new projects.

    We can repair fixtures, outlets, and switches inside and outside your home. This will make your home safer, reducing the risk of electrical short circuits, fires, and more. It will also extend the life of your electrical equipment and fixtures.

    Electrical repair Bixby homes and businesses can trust is done every day by OK Handyman of Tulsa electricians, fully trained and certified to do all types of electrical repair. Their work is guaranteed to last, and it will take a great responsibility off your shoulders as well. Doing electrical repair yourself isn’t something we recommend, even if you have had experience with it in the past. Every electrical system is different, and only someone who has years of practice should be trusted to deal with these repairs or installations.

    Small electrical work is necessary when you are adding on to your home or business. It’s crucial that you get it right when you’re adding a new appliance or device, too. We can wire new appliances such as televisions and surround sound systems for our Bixby customers so that they know the installation is going to work properly in the future.

    Small Plumbing

    Professional plumber in Bixby.Similarly, small plumbing services can benefit any size home or business in the Bixby area. Every plumbing component of your home is subject to failure, and that can mean a lot of undesirable side effects for you and your family. To avoid these unwanted situations, let us take care of any plumbing issue that comes up in your home or office.

    Slow drains lead to completely clogged ones, so as you can imagine, it’s better to take care of a problem right away than it is to wait until the drain is stopped up. OK Handyman of Tulsa can unclog a drain in your kitchen or bathroom quickly and efficiently so it doesn’t cause you any more inconvenience than it has to.

    We can also fix your kitchen garbage disposal if it has stopped working or isn’t as efficient as it once was. If you rely on your garbage disposal, it can be very problematic if it experiences problems, and especially if it completely stops working. For this reason, our experts can usually complete a garbage disposal replacement in a matter of hours so you won’t have to do without it for a moment longer than necessary!

    Improper techniques can result in water damage throughout your home, so you need results you can trust when it comes to small plumbing repair and installation. When you need handyman service Bixby can trust for commercial and residential plumbing repairs and new pipe or fixture installation, choose the best handyman service Bixby residents can get!

    Room Makeover

    Professional builder working on a room makeover in Bixby.A room makeover should be an exciting project, but a large percentage of homeowners get overwhelmed and discouraged by the tedious decisions that must be made and the setbacks that will undoubtedly occur. While OK Handyman of Tulsa can’t guarantee that your room makeover will go off without a hitch, we can promise that the stress of remodeling a room in your home won’t outweigh the excitement of anticipating the results!

    Kitchen makeovers are particularly fun because they are used by everyone in the family on a daily basis. Updating the cabinets, countertops, and floors can give the entire room a brand new look without being very expensive. We can also do extensive kitchen renovations that involve changing out an electric stove for a gas one or vice versa, adding a breakfast nook, or creating interesting and functional storage solutions for dishes, small appliances and more.

    The bathroom is another room makeover Bixby customers can really get behind. Our team of professionals can handle everything from electrical repair Bixby remodeling projects require to the drywall repair and painting, plumbing, and fixture installation. We love being able to take a room makeover from beginning to end, and bathrooms are especially fun to work on since they are generally small rooms where a few changes can make a big difference.

    Exterior Maintenance

    Exterior maintenance service in Bixby.The exterior of your home is just as important as the inside. Maintaining it well can add years to the face of your home and can prevent damages and common wear and tear that will cost you money unnecessarily. Trust OK Handyman of Tulsa for your commercial and residential exterior maintenance.

    We help customers with exterior maintenance for a variety of reasons. Some find these chores too dangerous, in which case, we are more than happy to assist with gutter cleaning or, if necessary, gutter replacement. Our staff is also called on when homeowners have no idea how to fix an issue, like with uncommon services like garage door repair, which you may only need once or twice in a lifetime. There’s no sense in every homeowner becoming an expert in every area of home improvement and repair when OK Handyman of Tulsa is only a phone call away!

    Exterior home maintenance also has to do with making your place look great at all times. You never know when unexpected guests will show up or when an unforeseen life change may necessitate the selling of your home. In cases like these, it’s a relief to know that your home is already in the best

    possible condition. Besides that, you’ll get more enjoyment out of your home when the exterior is in good shape. We can repair siding, install windows, and build an addition such as a deck or patio to finish off a beautiful home exterior for you and your family!


    Best painting service in Bixby.Painting Bixby homes and businesses is one of the things we excel at. Not every Bixby handyman service does painting in addition to carpentry and drywall repair, but we consider it an important part of our full range of services. The room makeover Bixby residents dream of is always finished off by a brand new coat of paint, and now you can also get this desired service from your favorite handyman company.

    We can handle your interior painting project quickly and with no mess left behind! We know how frustrating it can be for contractors to trash your property while they perform a simple service, so we take extra care to prevent paint from getting on your floors, ceiling and trim while we work, and we always clean up when we’re done.

    Your exterior painting needs can be taken care of by our experienced painters as well. After you have had professional gutter cleaning or replacement done, we can paint the exterior of your home and completely restore it to its most beautiful appearance.

    We can give you expert advice about the latest trends in paint colors, textures, and application techniques so that any room in your home gets a contemporary touch. If you are trying to create a specific style, our experts know how to help you achieve look you’ve seen online or in a magazine, so they can choose the right products to make any room look exactly as you imagine!

    About Broken Arrow

    The city of Bixby is over 100 years old, with a rich history to show for it. Around 1895, Bixby became a recognized town, complete with a post office, saloons, and a general store – all the basic requirements for a blossoming town. It then incorporated in 1906, and the first school was built a few years later.

    Known today for growing sod and vegetables, Bixby has always been a leading agricultural center and was long recognized as a farming community, although in recent decades many manufacturers have made their homes here.

    Author Washington Irving once visited the area that would become Bixby, and he documented his visit in A Tour on the Prairies, published in 1835. Schoolchildren commemorate his visit with a performance of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” each year in the park.

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