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Broken Arrow Handyman Service

Handyman with tape measure and safety helmet in Broken Arrow.OK Handyman of Tulsa proudly offers a handyman service Broken Arrow residents and business owners can trust! We have an excellent team of general contractors and handyman specialists who can handle all the items on your to-do list and give you back your weekends.

Who Uses a Handyman Service?

Many people choose to hire a handyman rather than doing the work themselves. Even people who are fully capable of making home repairs and doing their own installations will call us to do their handyman work because they are too busy or just don’t want to spend their free time doing home maintenance.

Other customers choose OK Handyman of Tulsa because they can’t do the work themselves. We’re honored that our elderly and disabled customers trust us to help them take care of their homes. Our caring, professional employees take extra special care of these customers, tackling every task they require, whether big or small! We do everything from changing the lightbulbs to gutter cleaning and plumbing repair, so you can be sure of that.

Finally, there are those homeowners who don’t know a flat head from a Phillips and will gladly pay for our expertise! For these customers, we can do any home improvement or renovation services that they need.

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    Every Service You’ll Need for Your Home or Business

    No matter what you need done, call OK Handyman of Tulsa to get the job done fast, professionally, and affordably. Our services include all of the following:


    Carpentry service available in Broken Arrow.When you need carpentry services, think about OK Handyman of Tulsa. We have specialist who can handle simple or more complex carpentry projects, from repairs and renovations to completely new constructions. Our master carpenters can offer design advice and expertise during the planning process, and their carpentry skills are second to none, so the finished product will look even better than you imagine, plus it will be sturdily and safely built.

    If you’re starting a big project, choose a professional handyman service that can see you through the entire process. Trust us when we say that this will save you money and a lot of unnecessary stress! We can handle any room makeover Broken Arrow customers want from beginning to end, and our carpentry services also include custom cabinetry, built-in bookshelves, and unique furniture solutions. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind storage solution or accent piece for your home, consult our experts to get original, modern ideas and the skills it takes to pull them off.

    We’re a full service handyman company, so we’ll handle every part of the carpentry project, from the interior construction to the drywall. Our teams can also provide drywall repair for home or business owners who have experienced damages to their walls, completing the job with a fresh coat of paint, ridding your home or business of any sign of damage.

    Small Electrical

    Electrical service available in Broken Arrow.Any small electrical repair, replacement or installation can be handled by our multi-skilled pros.

    Electrical repair work can be tricky because the wires can be unstable and run a high risk of causing a fire or bodily injury, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. OK Handyman of Tulsa employs professional electricians and certified technicians who can repair fixtures and wiring in your home or office.

    New installations are another small electrical specialty of ours. We can add outlets or wire new appliances for any room makeover Broken Arrow resident has underway. If you have a complicated wiring system, don’t trust just anyone to add a new electrical appliance to your existing system. And if you are building a new home or office, we can also help you get the electrical work done right the first time.

    If you have decided to replace your light fixtures or change the outlet faceplates in order to give your home a minor facelift, OK Handyman of Tulsa can help you out with these smaller jobs as well. It’s never a bad idea to hire a professional no matter what type of small electrical work you need done to make sure that you get the best possible result!

    Small Plumbing

    Professional plumber in Broken Arrow.Small plumbing jobs include anything that keeps your home plumbing system running smoothly. An effective plumbing system will make your home much more comfortable for your family. Our plumbing services will eliminate foul odors, prevent complete blockages in your pipes, and keep your septic tank from overflowing.

    Slow and clogged drains in the kitchen or bathroom can be frustrating. When the shower or sink is clogged, water won’t flow out the way it’s supposed to, which can lead to excess mold and mildew growth, soap scum, and other residue – all completely avoidable if the drains are working well.

    OK Handyman of Tulsa can also handle garbage disposal replacement and repairs. If you are used to having a working garbage disposal, it can be a huge inconvenience when it isn’t working correctly. We can repair your garbage disposal, replace one part or install a whole new system if the current one can’t be repaired.

    Our team can also repair fixtures related to your plumbing system in the bathroom, kitchen, utility room, and even those associated with your outdoor plumbing components. The fixtures may be damaged or faulty, or you might just want to update them as part of a home renovation project. We can fully replace every fixture in your home within a few hours and be out of your way.

    Room Makeover

    Professional builder working on a room makeover in Broken Arrow.Any room in your house can benefit from a makeover, especially the bathroom and kitchen since these rooms get so much use. A quick, inexpensive room makeover will add value to your home if you are planning on selling, or if you don’t intend to move any time soon, it can offer you and your family more comfort and enjoyment for many years.

    Bathroom makeovers are a popular home improvement because bathrooms tend to become outdated very quickly. It’s also relatively inexpensive to remodel a bathroom compared to other rooms in a home. OK Handyman of Tulsa has done hundreds of bathroom remodeling projects for Tulsa area homeowners, so we can certainly handle your next home renovation project! We can replace the countertops, add new fixtures, change the tile, paint, and even rearrange the entire floor plan of your bathroom to make it better suit your needs and tastes!

    Kitchen makeovers are another of most requested services. If you love to cook and entertain, your kitchen is a major hub of your home, but if your space is limited or the décor is reminiscent of the 1970s, it’s time for a kitchen makeover by OK Handyman of Tulsa! We are experts in home renovation, whether you need more storage space or an island for more seating. Our pros can add unique insights to any kitchen makeover, like adding an opening between your kitchen and living room so you’re never too far from your guests or an appliance garage to neatly store frequently used items.

    We also do living room, bedroom, office, and mudroom makeovers to improve the look of any room in your home. No matter what your specific home improvement needs are, we can help you achieve them one room at a time!

    Exterior Maintenance

    Exterior maintenance service in Broken Arrow.The outside of your home is just a preview for most guests of what to expect inside. Keeping the outside of your home looking nice is definitely something that most homeowners are interested in; however, many of them don’t possess the time or skill to do the work it takes. With the help of a professional handyman service like OK Handyman of Tulsa, you no longer have to depend on your novice skills to take care of your home’s exterior maintenance. Painting Broken Arrow homes is just one of the many home exterior maintenance services that we have to offer!

    It’s also important to maintain the exterior of your home in order to keep it from being damaged. We can help you with gutter cleaning and gutter replacement in order to protect your roof from water and ice buildup and to make sure that water flows away from you home instead of pooling around your foundation. This prevents your landscaping from being disturbed and lessens the risk that mold, mildew, or leaks develop in your basement.

    Finally, we want you to be able to thoroughly enjoy your home. The only way you can do that is if every feature is working properly and there’s no visible damage to the outside of your home. We can repair siding, and windows to erase any evidence of damage, or our team can build you a beautiful deck or patio to extend your living and entertaining space. We also fix things around the house that you’re your life a whole lot easier. Ask us about garage door repair and exterior electrical repair Broken Arrow residents have been relying on for years!


    Best painting service in Broken Arrow.OK Handyman of Tulsa is the only full-service handyman service Broken Arrow resident will ever need! We offer every service you’ll ever need to care for your home, including the most dreaded tasks like painting. Painting Broken Arrow homes and businesses is a job we don’t mind at all! We have a certified, experienced staff who can get your residential or commercial painting project done in a fraction of the time you could do it yourself, and with a whole lot less mess and stress!

    Interior painting presents challenges because there’s always a risk of getting paint on the trim, floor, ceiling, and furniture. These risks are eliminated when you choose a professional painter like OK Handyman of Tulsa! We expertly apply paint to every surface without splattering or dripping paint, so your results will be professional and flawless!

    Exterior painting is a little different, but OK Handyman of Tulsa can handle it, too! We carefully cover the exterior of your home with an even layer of fresh paint, improving the looks of your property and protecting the wood beneath. A new coat of paint goes a long way for the appearance of your home, and we’re one of the only professional handyman services that can handle your exterior and interior painting needs!

    About Broken Arrow

    The City of Broken Arrow, OK was originally a farming community, thanks to its prime growing climate. Still today, it is included in Oklahoma’s Green Country, where 7 out of 11 of the state’s eco-regions can be found.

    The city was founded after the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad sold lots in 1902 to form the town. Today, however, as a suburb of Tulsa, Broken Arrow OK has the third most manufacturing plants in the state of Oklahoma.

    The city named for a Creek Indian community that had relocated from Alabama via the Trail of Tears, and there are still a lot of Native American influences around Broken Arrow, including the city’s name itself.

    Well-known Rhema Baptist Bible College calls Broken Arrow home, and the city has won various branding and service awards. Broken Arrow was named the 9th Most Customer Friendly U.S. City in 2016 and is currently in the Top 10 happiest mid-sized cities, according to Zippia.

    Contact Us Today

    If you make the wise decision to hire OK Handyman of Tulsa for your home improvement needs, you’ll enjoy many advantages:

    • Time savings – In the time it would take you to complete the work, we can be in and out and you won’t have to do a thing!
    • Safety – There’s no substitute for professional service. We can ensure that a certified handyman will safely complete your repairs and installations!
    • Budget friendly – We save you money by bundling several services into a single visit. Plus, you won’t waste money on equipment and materials you’ll never use again.
    • Quality work – Because we’re a general contractor, we can do all your home improvement jobs with an expert touch, so your results will be gorgeous and 100% safe for your family.
    • Fast – We also work quickly to get the work done because we know our customers don’t want us hanging around for a week or more to do several simple jobs.

    From garage door repair to interior electrical repair Broken Arrow residents can trust, there’s only one company to call: OK Handyman of Tulsa!

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