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Exterior Home Maintenance

professional working on exterior maintenance in TulsaOnce we’ve got the inside of your house looking beautiful, it’s time to perfect the outside.

The outside of your house is what everyone else sees when they walk or drive by, and it’s good to keep up with the maintenance so that you’re not the eye sore of the block. Plus, maintaining a good foundation outside, will ensure that the entire house stays healthy and in good shape for years to come.

Whether you need work done to the exterior of your home, your deck or even your garage, we’ve got all of your needs covered.

Window Washing

Windows are arguably one of the most important aspects of your home. They provide you with natural sunlight and a good ol’ dose of vitamin D.

But nothing is worse than looking out a window that is streaky, stained, dusty, or filled with rain spots. While it is easy enough to take care of the window washing from the inside, exterior window washing is a bit trickier, especially with second or third floor windows that are hard, and sometimes dangerous, to reach.

Our handyman service will tackle all of your outdoor window washing needs so that you can relax and just enjoy the view.


Over time gutters can get clogged and backed up due to storms, rain and leaves. Once clogged, rain can’t flow through them properly anymore, which can lead to roof damage, leaking and improper water disposal.

The damage that can be done is costly, messy and time-consuming. Therefore, it’s best to always keep your gutters in tip-top shape.

Gutter cleaning is messy work, but our professionals are always up for the challenge. Making sure that your gutters are clean and in working order is important to us. It helps to eliminate future problems.

Decks and patios

Decks and patios are some of the most beloved areas of a person’s home. Great for barbeques, summer gatherings, watching the sunrise or sunset and just sitting and enjoying your morning coffee while getting some fresh air.

Maybe you already have a deck that needs a little fixing up? We can replace broken, loose or rotting boards, create an addition, or paint your deck to give it a new and fresh look.

If you don’t have a patio, but have always dreamed of having one, we can build one for you. Making dreams come true is part of our overall mission.


Another important staple of your house is your garage. Whether you use it to shelter your vehicles from the weather or other harm, as a storage space to keep Christmas decorations, patio furniture and gardening tools, or you’ve simply turned it into a cool hangout zone, the garage is very important.

We offer a variety of services concerning your garage including painting, window washing, fixing or installing garage doors, roof fixture, additions, or building a new garage from scratch.

Tell us your needs and we will offer you the solution you have been searching for.

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