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Jenks Handyman Service

Professional handyman service in Jenks.OK Handyman of Tulsa happily serves the Jenks community with reliable, affordable handyman services! We have a team that is made up of carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters, and more, so you can trust us to handle every residential or commercial handyman project you need or want done! If you are in need of electrical work, plumbing repair or exterior home maintenance, OK Handyman of Tulsa is at the ready! We often pick up the slack for busy homeowners who can’t find the time to get all their home maintenance and home improvement jobs done. We also work hard to do the tasks that some homeowners find too taxing or dangerous to do themselves.

Whatever the reason, we’re so glad you are thinking of using OK Handyman of Tulsa for your home or business needs. We are more than willing to do what it takes to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. As always, our focus is on our customers, not the job at hand. For that reason, we have maintained our reputation as a handyman company Jenks can depend on!

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    We offer all of the following services to our friends and neighbors:


    Carpentry service available in Jenks.Carpentry is one of the many specialties offered by OK Handyman of Tulsa. Our carpenters are not only skilled professionals, but they are also creative and open-minded, so they’ll always listen to your ideas and communicate with you about what will work and offer suggestions to meet your needs.

    We do commercial and residential carpentry, so we know how to stay out of the way during your carpentry project. Plus, we take precautions beforehand to protect our work area, then we do a clean sweep afterwards so that we don’t leave behind sawdust, nails, and other debris.

    We’ve seen it all when it comes to new carpentry and carpentry repair. We can even do drywall repair and interior painting to make one wall match the rest of the room after a renovation or damage repair. These are steps that go above and beyond what a typical carpenter is willing or able to do, but they are things that make us the handyman service Jenks calls on again and again for carpentry and many other handyman services.

    We can handle every part of a room makeover, from the carpentry work to the electrical repair Jenks residents need to feel safe and sound within their homes. We are fully and professionally staffed, and we’re more than ready to show you why we’re the #1 handyman service in Jenks and the surrounding area!

    Small Electrical

    Electrical service available in Jenks.Don’t be confused by the use of the word “small” here. We’re talking about residential and the majority of commercial electrical issues, from simple services such as installing a ceiling fan to more complex ones like wiring a storage building or attic.

    Electrical repair Jenks residents and business owners can depend on is our main goal.

    Your home or business is safe in the hands of our certified, insured electricians. They have years of experience, so you can fully depend on their handiwork. The fear of electrical fires is something that none of us are immune to. Whether you own your home or rent, or if you are the proud owner of a Jenks business, the thought of what you would do if a fire broke out has probably crossed your mind.

    As morbid as that may be, being a responsible home or business owner means that you do everything you can to prevent these things from happening in the first place. One thing you can do is choose OK Handyman of Tulsa when it’s time to do garage door repair, replace or install new outlets, or wire new appliances in your home or office. We can effectively repair fixtures, change floodlights, or do a simple inspection to give you peace of mind that your wiring is safe.

    Small Plumbing

    Professional plumber in Jenks.The same is true for our “small” plumbing services. If there is a problem affecting your home or business, we can just about guarantee that we have a fix for it! If the problem is in the pipes, fixtures, or appliances, we’ll find it and get straight to the source of the problem.

    Water leaks are a problem that homeowners dread more than most because they can cause damage to many more areas, including your walls, floors, and ceilings. When OK Handyman of Tulsa is in charge of your small plumbing jobs, you can be sure that the job will be done right and the risk of these types of leaks is extremely low.

    We can repair fixtures in any room of your home where water is piped in. This usually means the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room, but we can also make plumbing repairs to your outdoor water sources or replace those fixtures if they get damaged or begin to leak.

    OK Handyman of Tulsa is a full-service plumber, with expertise in many areas of the field. We can help you with slow or clogged drains which can be extremely inconvenient and disgusting if they stay slow or clogged for very long.

    We can also get your garbage disposal working again. The garbage disposal may be broken and only require a part replacement, which usually only takes less than an hour, or it might need to be completely replaced, which we can do in little more time.

    Room Makeover

    Professional builder working on a room makeover in Jenks.A room makeover can spice up the look of any home. OK Handyman of Tulsa can update any room of your home, from the bathroom to the kitchen or living room. A room makeover can be fairly inexpensive and only be skin deep, so to speak, or we can replace fixtures and major components of any room to totally change its appearance

    We can remove popcorn ceilings and apply regular or crown molding to any room to give it a sophisticated touch. As far as the walls are concerned, no room makeover Jenks customers commission is complete without wall treatments. Whether it’s a new paint color or a textured appearance you’re looking for, we can offer many options for a unique look for your room remodel.

    The bathroom and kitchen are great rooms to remodel because it is so easy to change their appearance with only a few exchanges. You can trade linoleum for tile or granite, swap older fixtures for new ones, and replace outdated cabinet doors and hardware for contemporary styles. Room makeover Jenks homeowners want are easier and more affordable than they think with OK Handyman of Tulsa!

    Exterior Maintenance

    Exterior maintenance service in Jenks.Garage door repair, gutter replacement and more – OK Handyman of Tulsa will do whatever it takes to keep the exterior of your home or business in excellent condition! We perform a full range of services for home and business owners, from inspections to large repairs and replacements.

    We know that as a property owner, you are very proud of what you have earned, and you’d like to take care of it. However, it can be hard to keep up with all the repairs and routine home maintenance that needs to be done. You can get a little help where you need it most, the exterior of your home, any time you need it with our team of professionals!

    We can do the most dangerous home maintenance jobs, including gutter cleaning and replacement whenever needed in order to protect your roof, landscaping, and basement from pooling water.

    And when the appearance of your home is your main priority, we have a variety of services that can get it looking the way you want it to in no time. Our pros can repair siding or build a beautiful deck or patio to compliment your home’s exterior and give you a new place to spend quality time.


    Best painting service in Jenks.If you are looking for a handyman service Jenks homeowners and business managers can trust to give them professional results every time, choose OK Handyman of Tulsa for carpentry, painting and more! We guarantee results that are the same quality you could expect from a contractor that only does professional painting, but with us, you get so much more!

    Painting Jenks homes and commercial properties is only one of the many tasks we do well. Our teams can completely renovate your home one room at a time, doing all the carpentry, electrical, drywall repair and painting as we go.

    Interior painting is done with special attention to detail so that your lines are crisp and there are no runs or patchy spots in your paint. Our painters will cover your floors and furniture in advance to make sure they don’t get paint on these surfaces, and they’ll visually inspect the room when they are finished to be sure they aren’t leaving behind a mess for you to deal with/

    The exterior painting Jenks homes and businesses need should last years before it has to be redone. If you own a property that must be painted from time to time, you know how frustrating it can be to have poor work done, only to have to have it painted again before it’s time. That won’t ever happen when you pick a painting contractor who has industry knowledge, experience, and who uses quality products to get the job done right!

    About Jenks

    Jenks is one of the fastest growing suburbs of Tulsa. In less than 10 years, the population grew by 77% – a major growth spurt for this outlying community. The area initially grew by chance since the part of the Arkansas River it sits on could only be accessed by some steamboats and only if the water was high. For some reason, though, the community that would become Jenks OK stayed alive.

    Throughout the years, flooding has been a major concern for the residents of Jenks because of its unique geography. However, substantial efforts have been made to levy the area and have preserved it for generations to enjoy festivals, a growing arts community, antique shops, and the state’s only stand-alone aquarium.

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    Customers who choose OK Handyman of Tulsa are making a choice that they will benefit from for years to come – and in many different ways!

    • Saves Time – You may think you can save time by doing a project yourself, but it’s unlikely that you have the tools and knowledge to get started right away. By the time you learn enough to complete the project, making rooking mistakes along the way, you could have called us and we’d already be done with your list of home handyman jobs!
    • Saves Money – Hiring a professional handyman can actually save you money – as long as you choose the right one! At OK Handyman of Tulsa, we already have the equipment to complete carpentry work, electrical repairs, and painting projects, so you won’t have to spend a fortune on tools you really don’t need.
    • Increases Safety – Any home repair or installation can be dangerous. Fooling with electrical wires or climbing a ladder to clean out the gutters could result in a major injury, but other household jobs could get you hurt, too. Trust the pros to install new appliances or fixtures in your home, do your exterior painting, and more!
    • Guarantees Professional Results – Although you can probably hang drywall, what are the chances that you can make it look professional? Most homeowners don’t possess this particular skill, and it means they’ll make a mess of things before they ultimately decide to call in a professional like OK Handyman of Tulsa.
    • Expedites Project Completion – That’s a fancy way of saying that we work fast! If you need work done quickly due to unexpected damage or because your entire family is coming for the holidays, we can work with you to check every task off your list!

    We’re proud to offer our customers so many great services to keep the interior and exterior of their homes beautiful, safe places for themselves and their families. If you are overwhelmed and would like some help chipping away at your home’s to-do list, we can give you sound advice about which chores to tackle first and how affordable it can be to have them done by a professional handyman.

    Choose OK Handyman of Tulsa for the most complete handyman services in the area!

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