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Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling done by experts in Tulsa.At OK Handyman of Tulsa, kitchen remodeling is considered one of our favorite home improvement services! Kitchens are highly customizable and one of the most lived-in areas of the home, so we have a lot of fun with customers who are in the market for a few minor upgrades or a total kitchen makeover!

Make Your Kitchen Work for YOU!

One of the best things about kitchen renovation is that it can make your kitchen more beautiful and more functional! If you want to make your Tulsa kitchen remodeling project work for you, there’s only one company that can do that for you: OK Handyman of Tulsa!

There are many ways to customize your new kitchen. Our team is ready start whenever you are if you have a clear idea of what you want. If you’re a little less sure about the direction you want your kitchen makeover to go, we can assist you with important decisions and provide you with lots of modern ideas to choose from.

Your kitchen should have a floorplan that makes it easy to use, especially when things get busy. When you have guests over, when you’re cooking a big meal, or when the kids are grabbing lunch or snacks before school, you want traffic to flow in the kitchen. Therefore, the first thing to consider is whether or not you’d like to change the layout of your kitchen. OK Handyman of Tulsa has a fully qualified staff that can handle the carpentry, plumbing and electrical work associated with a major kitchen remodel!

Once that decision has been made, our staff can help you choose options for any or all of the following areas of your kitchen to pull the entire room together in a way that you will absolutely love:

  • Countertops – Whether you choose granite, tile, laminate, or a more modern option like concrete or wood, OK Handyman of Tulsa can install beautiful new countertops in no time.
  • Cabinets and Shelving – Everyone wants more space in the kitchen. We can help you come up with unique storage solutions for your kitchen. Ask us about anything, from adding a pantry to open shelving.
  • Sinks and Fixtures – You don’t have to settle for the same old double basin sink anymore! There are a lot of sink and faucet options available that can suit your unique needs.
  • Flooring and Walls – Add a pop of color or an unexpected texture to these areas of your Tulsa kitchen remodeling project! We can offer lots of suggestions for the use of paint, brick, stone, or wood in the kitchen.

In addition to these things, we’ll give special attention to components that are usually considered afterthoughts, such as appliances lighting. We can even add an island to give you more cooking and food prep space.

Your kitchen makeover is closer and more affordable than you think when you choose OK Handyman of Tulsa! Call us today for an in-home evaluation and a comparative estimate of different remodeling options.

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