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Owasso Handyman Service

Professional handyman service in Owasso.OK Handyman of Tulsa happily serves the Owasso community with reliable, affordable handyman services! We have a team that is made up of carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters, and more, so you can trust us to handle every residential or commercial handyman project you need or want done!

Our services are for everyone!

You may think that a handyman is only useful for people who don’t know how to do repairs and installations themselves, but you’d be wrong! We do have many customers who trust us to handle the jobs that they don’t know how to do, but we also help out busy homeowners who don’t have time to handle a garage door repair or yearly gutter cleaning. We also have customers who are physically unable to climb a ladder, change an overhead fixture, or lack the strength to turn a pipe wrench. For these customers, we are so grateful that they choose OK Handyman of Tulsa to help them with the necessary chores they can’t do for themselves!

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    Services for Every Room of your Home

    OK Handyman of Tulsa can do any type of home improvement, renovation, installation, or repair that you need done. Our services include all of the following areas:


    Carpentry service available in Owasso.If your home improvement or repair involves carpentry, you won’t need to call a separate carpenter for your woodwork. We have certified master carpenters who can do all types of carpentry services. We specialize in room renovations and repairs, even if it requires a complete solution, from repairing walls, drywall repair, and painting.

    Our team can offer choices to homeowners who want to change the layout of a room, adding or taking away walls and providing the expert advice you’ll need, such as which walls are weight-bearing and which ones aren’t.

    One of the best things about hiring a handyman to do your home renovation projects is that we can handle every stage of the project. We can save you money because you won’t have to call several different contractors to do the various jobs it will take to complete your project, so you’ll have a lot of extra time on your hands as well!

    We can do a room makeover Owasso homeowners will find perfectly suited for their living spaces. We can customize your carpentry services to include features that will beautify any room and make it more functional as well. This includes built-in bookshelves, headboards, and entertainment centers, as well as fireplaces, mantles, and cabinets.

    Carpentry is a big part of your home improvement and maintenance needs, so only trust a certified professional like OK Handyman of Tulsa to complete your simplest and most complex carpentry jobs.

    Small Electrical

    Electrical service available in Owasso.Small electrical repairs and installations are another one of our specialties. Electrical work is one of the most dangerous home improvement tasks, so it certainly isn’t something you should tackle on your own, regardless of how much electrical knowledge and experience you have.

    Faulty wiring can cause a house fire or ruin your electrical outlets and fixtures. Therefore, you need to make sure that the electrical repair Owasso contractors provide is professionally done. OK Handyman of Tulsa has certified electricians to repair fixtures, outlets and switches so that you and your family are completely protected.

    Whether you’re beginning a new addition to your home or doing some necessary updates to an older home, we can help you get the electrical work done right. If you are adding a new electrical appliance to your home or business, let us help you install it and hook it up correctly. We can do everything from a simple electrical job to the complete electrical wiring for a room makeover. You can even task us with changing the lightbulbs in hard-to-reach areas of your home.

    Electrical repair Owasso home and business owners can trust is closer than they think. We have a reliable staff who can make quick work of all your electrical needs at home and in your commercial building. Rather than putting yourself, your home, and your business at risk by attempting to do electrical repairs and installations yourself, let the pros at OK Handyman of Tulsa handle them for you!

    Small Plumbing

    Professional plumber in Owasso.Routine plumbing work will make your home much more comfortable, and it will run more effectively as well. This will make you feel cozier and more relaxed while you are at home. OK Handyman of Tulsa knows how important it is for the plumbing to be working properly in your home or business, and we’ll do whatever it takes to keep that happening!

    There are several advantages to hiring a professional to do your small plumbing tasks. First of all, we can prevent odors from developing in your home due to buildup in the sink drains. It can be nearly impossible to remove these bad smells with commercial products, and few homeowners have the skills needed to work on their interior plumbing themselves. We can also do Owasso garbage disposal repair or replacement for homeowners who can’t live without one.

    Slow drains and completely clogged drains can be very inconvenient for homeowners as well. It’s disgusting to see water backed up in your kitchen sink or bathtub, and it can give mold and mildew the perfect place to build up. You’ll also have to constantly clean to remove residue that has no place to go when your drain is partially or completely clogged.

    Our expert plumbers can also repair exterior plumbing components associated with outdoor faucets and fixtures in addition to your bathroom, kitchen, or utility room. If you are updating the outside of your home, you’ll definitely want to consider changing out the outdoor fixtures as well to improve the overall appearance of your home’s exterior.

    Room Makeover

    Professional builder working on a room makeover in Owasso.If you’d like to update a part of your home, whether it’s just out of date or no longer meeting your family’s needs, OK Handyman of Tulsa can help! Any room of your home can be renovated for far less than you probably think. A room makeover Owasso residents get from OK Handyman of Tulsa can be relatively inexpensive, but it can make a huge impact when done by a professional.

    If you are thinking about a room makeover, we can tell you honestly that it’s almost always a good idea. If you’re considering remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or living room, it probably means that the room is no longer suitable for your family’s needs. Rearranging or redesigning any room in your home will make it more useful and comfortable for your family.

    Bathrooms tend to be trendier than other rooms in the home, which means they will look outdated much sooner than other parts of your home. Bathroom remodeling can be done quickly and easily, so it’s a realistic option for just about every homeowner. We suggest unique tile designs, updated countertops, new fixtures, and modern cabinetry to effectively complete you residential bathroom renovation.

    Kitchen renovation is another popular residential service we provide. The kitchen is a gathering place for most homes, so it’s always nice to have an open, welcoming place to entertain guests or enjoy family time. Adding a food pantry or installing more seating in your kitchen are both customizable services that OK Handyman of Tulsa specialists can do for you.

    Exterior Maintenance

    Exterior maintenance service in Owasso.It’s important to many homeowners to keep the outside of their homes in tip-top condition. At OK Handyman of Tulsa, we have many exterior maintenance services that can improve the looks of your home and provide you with other noticeable benefits as well.

    If you are too busy to do gutter cleaning or exterior painting Owasso homes need from time to time, we can save you a lot of time…time you could spend doing things you enjoy rather than spending every weekend doing boring home maintenance tasks.

    We can replace or repair siding that has gotten old or damaged, and we can replace broken, cracked or loose windows as well. These minor enhancements will drastically improve the appearance of your home. It’s important to increase the curb appeal if you’ll be putting your home on the market in the near future. This can include aesthetic tasks as well as functional improvements like garage door repair.

    We can also build structures that add value to your home, such as decks or patios. These areas provide you with additional space for day-to-day living and special occasion entertaining. A covered or uncovered structure can be enjoyed for most of the year, especially with the addition of removable awnings, heaters, and fans to make the unpredictable weather a little more bearable.

    Exterior maintenance performed by the best handyman service Owasso has to offer can protect your home from future damage and maintain its current beauty for a long time to come. Whatever you need to make your home more enjoyable from the outside in, you’ll be able to get from OK Handyman of Tulsa!


    Best painting service in Owasso.OK Handyman of Tulsa provides all the services our customers need to completely remodel their homes or just spruce them up a little. We’re one of the only handyman services in the Owasso area that does interior and exterior painting for projects big and small.

    We have professional painters on staff who can guarantee flawless results every time. They can do your residential and commercial painting projects quickly – much faster and with more precision than most property owners can do themselves. With us, there’s no risk of ruining your floors or trim with paint drips or splatters.

    We can handle all the interior painting Owasso residents and business owners need done quickly, whether it’s just one room of painting or several. Exterior painting can be a huge undertaking unless you have the equipment and experience to do the job right. A professional painter can do a good job, but they can’t make the little repairs and installations that you may need done before or after the painting is complete. Only a multi-skilled handyman service like us can do that!

    About Owasso

    Owasso, like many Oklahoma towns, got its name from Native American culture. The town’s name is an Osage Indian word meaning “end of the trail.” Owasso got on the map in 1881 as a settlement, but it quickly grew. By 1898 there were several homes, a blacksmith, a general store, and a post office in the area. The next year, the railroad was completed and the area around the depot continued to grow. Many athletes, politicians, and entertainers have called Owasso home, including Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, Russ Dugger, Brian Flynn, Randy Brogdon, and Vic Koenning.

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    When you choose OK Handyman of Tulsa, you’ll experience many priceless benefits:

    • Time Savings – We can do installations and repairs in a fraction of the time that most do-it-yourselfers. Our customers can avoid the hassle of doing home projects themselves.
    • Safety – Having a pro do your repairs and installations will ensure that they get done right. You can avoid personal injury and home damages by leaving your most dangerous chores to the pros!
    • Budget Friendly Prices – Letting OK Handyman of Tulsa handle your handyman jobs is a less expensive option that the trial and error it will take for you to achieve the same results we can.
    • Quality Work – You’ll be more than satisfied with the results when you choose a company that can handle all your home repair and renovation needs with a professional touch.
    • Fast – You don’t want our workers hanging around your home any longer than we have to be. Therefore, we’ll work quickly to get the job done and be gone as fast as possible while still doing quality work.

    When you need a handyman service Owasso can depend on, don’t look any further than OK Handyman of Tulsa. We repair fixtures, install new appliances, and do effective garage door repair and gutter cleaning to fully restore your home to its maximum functionality and beauty. We are so fortunate to serve the Owasso community, and we look forward to making you our next satisfied customer!

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