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high quality paint job available in TulsaDo you ever catch yourself staring at your dull and boring walls wishing you could change something? Perhaps you can no longer stand the sight of you cracked, damaged and faded garage. Or maybe you cringe with embarrassment every time you pull up to your outdated house.

If you’re in need of a paint job, and you’re looking for the best painting Tulsa has to offer, well you’re in luck! Tulsa Handyman Service has everything you need for both your interior and exterior painting needs. Just take a look at the services that we offer below. In need of something you don’t see?

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Interior House Painting

Over time paint gets dull, chips away or starts to look old and damaged. Even if your house is a hundred years old or more, a fresh coat of paint is a guaranteed way to make a room look and feel brand new.

Painting also increases the retail value of your home, in case you’re ever looking to sell. Picking a color is the fun part, so we will leave that to you, but once you’ve chosen your palette, we can begin to turn your walls into art. Our painters will never do a messy, rush job. Instead, they will take their time to ensure your walls looks better than ever before.

Exterior House Painting

Unfortunately the exterior of a house is even more susceptible to chips, cracks and damage due to weather. If you’d like a fresh look for your home and exterior maintenance, to increase the retail value of the property or weatherproof your house, we have the solution.

Our painters are some of the best. They are trained to get to hard to reach places, have an eye for detail so they will never miss anything, and have precision and skill so that your house will look like new once they are finished. Let our professionals help make your house stand out from the rest!

Garage Painting

Don’t forget about the garage! While some garages are attached to the main home, others stand alone, sometimes in the backyard. This makes them easy to forget and neglect.

But your garage needs love too, and painting it a beautiful color will make it tie in to your backyard aesthetic seamlessly. It will also add another layer to the foundation to help it, and its valuable contents, stay safe from the elements.

Contact us today to get started on turning your garage into a second little home for your vehicles and gadgets.

Deck Painting

Last, but definitely not least, is the deck. The deck is probably the area in your yard that you will spend the most time on, therefore it is also the area to experience the most wear and tear.

Paint can ship off, and then get washed or blown onto your grass or sidewalk, making your yard look unkempt. Eliminate this problem by getting a new paint job every few years to keep your deck looking cozy and inviting.

It’s the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to tying your home and your yard together.

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