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Tulsa Plumbing Services

excellent plumbing service in Tulsa, OKAt Tulsa Handyman Service we have some of the most knowledgeable and skilled plumbers in the state.

Plumbing is not an easy feat; the issues involved are often deep and complex and it takes a skilled plumber to be able to complete the task, while also putting out any fires that may arise in the process.

Our plumbing systems are incredibly important. Not only do they allow us to take a hot shower or bath, but also they control our drainage systems, our taps, and our waste disposal. Proper plumbing is a vital part to any home.

Drain Blockages

With everything that gets swept down the drain when we shower or wash the dishes, it’s surprising that a drain clog doesn’t happen more often. In showers and bathroom sinks, hair is one of the biggest culprits of drain clog. In the kitchen? Food chunks and grease.

Wherever your problem lies and whatever the issue, we can help you unclog drain pipes. Our experts will simply assess the problem, before using their tools and knowledge to fix the problem. They will leave your pipes in perfect working order and can also offer suggestions for keeping them that way.

Water Heater Repair

We offer water heater repair to ensure that your water heater keeps providing you with hot water for a long, long time. If your water heater is beyond repair, we can send someone out to install water heater for you. Having hot water is a luxury that so many of us cannot afford to lose.

We use hot water for our morning showers, relaxing bubble baths, dirty dishes, and stain-filled clothing. Making sure that your water heater is up to date and in working order is the best way to avoid any hot water related disasters.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposal not doing its job? We can take care of that. Need a new garbage disposal altogether? We can take care of that too! The second you notice a problem don’t hesitate to contact Tulsa Handyman Service.

We are here to answer your questions, minimize your concerns and fix your problems. Our professionals strive to do the best job every single time. Our team will fix or replace garbage disposal for you, so that you can go back to disposing of your garbage how you normally would without any complications or hassle.

Emergency Plumbing

Oftentimes plumbing issues will arrive unexpectedly, abruptly and at the worst possible times. From overflowing toilets, to backed-up sewage lines, we are here to do the dirty work, so that you can stay calm and stress –free. Sometimes the problem comes from improper disposal, such as putting non-flushable items down a toilet and other times they arise from circumstances completely out of your control like tree roots that have grown into pipes and cause a blockage.

Whatever the emergency, we will deliver a solution fast. We understand that these types of situations are stressful and alarming. Our goal is to ensure that you can trust us to help you and that you are happy with the result.

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