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Sapulpa Handyman Service

Handyman with tape measure and safety helmet in Sapulpa.Handyman service Sapulpa can depend on can be found at OK Handyman of Tulsa. We specialize in all the home improvement and maintenance tasks that homeowners don’t want to do themselves. We’re happy to offer everything from gutter cleaning services to patio building, plus countless interior services that will make the inside of your home look as warm and cozy as the memories you make there!

You may be wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to hiring a handyman versus just doing the work yourself. We have convinced many home and business owners that our services are beneficial to them, and we’re sure you will see the value in them, too. We’re the handyman service Sapulpa depends on, and it’s easy to see why!

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Here are the services you can request from OK Handyman of Tulsa:


Carpentry service available in Sapulpa.When you’re looking for a carpenter, remember that you could get much more from OK Handyman of Tulsa! We have carpenters who can complete quick jobs for you or offer their expertise to more complicated carpentry projects. They can give you great advice and share their experience during a room makeover Sapulpa neighbors will be envious of, from the beginning of the project to the very end.

If you want a contractor who will stick with you the whole way through a project, choose a multipurpose handyman service that can do it all. You’ll save money using the same team for every part of the project, and you’ll save yourself some big-time hassle when you’re only dealing with one company rather that two or three for the same project.

Our carpenters can do the drywall repair that homeowners occasionally need, and painting homes and businesses is yet another of our surprising specialties. When we say that we can see a project through to the end, we really mean it!

If custom bookshelves or entertainment centers are your idea of carpentry skills at their finest, we can’t wait to show you some examples of our previous work and to hear your ideas for your bedroom, living room, or kitchen.

Small Electrical

Electrical service available in Sapulpa.Any electrical services – repairs, replacements, or new installations – can be handled quickly and efficiently by our team of master electricians and technicians. If you have a project that relates to the electrical system in any way, we highly recommend that you let a professional handle it for you rather than going it alone.

Electrical repair Sapulpa customers need can be dangerous because there is a high risk of electric shock and fire due to faulty wiring. These risks are compounded when you are not experienced dealing with electrical wiring. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to let certified electricians install and repair fixtures in your home or office.

If you have a new electrical device, call OK Handyman of Tulsa and let us install it for you to ensure that the job gets done right. We can wire a sound system or a home security system and test it for you to

make sure it works before we leave. We can do everything from installing additional outlets to wiring new appliances to ensure the safety of your home or office for everyone inside.

Our small electrical services are sometimes included in a room makeover. Simply changing out the faceplates and replacing the light fixtures can help change the appearance of a room. These are things that only take our staff minutes, but they can bring you enjoyment for years to come!

Small Plumbing

Professional plumber in Sapulpa.The plumbing services Sapulpa residents need are related to their kitchen, bathroom and utility room. These rooms are necessary for day-to-day activities, so it’s vital that everything is working like it should. A properly functioning plumbing system makes your home or business comfortable. You don’t notice it when it’s working, but you can’t ignore it when it isn’t! Let OK Handyman of Tulsa work for you to prevent bad smells from lingering in your home and to protect your septic tank and pipes!

Slow drains eventually become clogged drains. The sooner you can take care of a slow drain, the fewer issues it will cause you. When water backs up in the pipes, it can give mold, mildew and soap scum a perfect place to collect, right there in your sink or shower! Don’t let this happen to you! Have your slow or clogged drains cleaned out by a pro!

We also handle garbage disposal replacement and minor repairs. If you have had a garbage disposal, you know how quickly you get used to it and how inconvenient it can be when it isn’t working correctly. You can contact us any time with emergency and non-emergency plumbing issues, and we’ll get back with you as soon as possible to take care of your home just like it was our own.

We repair fixtures or replace them as part of Sapulpa room makeovers all the time, so rest assured that whether your plumbing concern is big or small, we can handle it with professionalism and efficiency!

Room Makeover

Professional builder working on a room makeover in Sapulpa.Any room in your home is a great place to do a complete makeover. some of the more popular choices include the bathroom and the kitchen, but we’re willing to work on any room you choose to update it or give it a specific look based on any style you prefer.

Bathroom makeovers are extremely common for Sapulpa homeowners. The bathroom can either be too plain or too trendy, making you feel ready for an update in this room before others. Remodeling the bathroom doesn’t have to cost a lot, either. Our experts can help you choose a few key features of the room to remodel, and since bathrooms are relatively small, just a few changes can make a really big difference.

Kitchen remodeling is another room makeover Sapulpa residents often request. Kitchens are full of activity and busy all day. Therefore, our pros will work quickly to get your home kitchen fully functional again, even after a major renovation. We can take an outdated kitchen and turn it into an ultra-modern space or make it cozier with a breakfast nook or bar seating.

We can do a room makeover for any home or business that will look amazing but that will also improve the functionality of the room. Offices, garages, living rooms and bedrooms - the options are limitless with OK Handyman of Tulsa!

Exterior Maintenance

Exterior maintenance service in Sapulpa.The exterior of your home is a reflection of the inside in most cases. You want passersby to see your home and assume that it is neat and clean on the inside as well as the outside. One way to ensure that is to let OK Handyman of Tulsa help you with exterior maintenance and improvement tasks.

Many homeowners don’t have the time or skill that it takes to do exterior home maintenance chores. Those who are terrified of heights will have a hard time doing their own gutter cleaning, let alone gutter replacement if/when the time comes! Likewise, there are certain household repairs that don’t come around very often, so your skills can get pretty rusty in the meantime. Rather than looking up directions online for garage door repair, for example, just let us handle it!

We also do aesthetic repairs, such as replacing a broken window or repairing the siding on your home to make it look as if damage never happened. This can be very beneficial if you plan to sell your home sometime soon, but if not, they are improvements that will increase the pride you have in the appearance of your home or business.

Another thing we can do to add value to your home and make it a more enjoyable place for you to be is to add a porch, deck, patio, or some other outdoor structure to your home. It’s great to have an outdoor area to grill, entertain friends, or watch birds and other wildlife. Spending time on a well-built structure like these on your own property is both relaxing and rejuvenating!


Best painting service in Sapulpa.We offer every service you could want to care for your home, including the one that almost every homeowner dreads. OK Handyman of Tulsa is one of the only handyman services you’ll find that does interior and exterior painting Sapulpa customers need! We have the tools to paint your home or business quickly and leave behind nothing but professional results. Our painters are professionally certified, and they can do any painting job faster and with less mess than you can do yourself!

Interior and exterior painting are similar in many ways, but there are a few things to take into account for each to be successful projects. You can be sure that the OK Handyman of Tulsa pros know how to handle every painting task, no matter how unique or complicated.

Interior painting requires attention to detail so that the trim and other surfaces don’t get paint on them accidentally. With exterior painting, there are fewer things to worry about damaging, but it’s still necessary to use extreme care around door and window frames as well as other features.

We can help you with every part of the painting process, from initially choosing the right color and finish to prepping and priming the walls properly so the paint will adhere and cover well. Our staff is expertly

trained with years of experience in interior and exterior painting, and they can guide you through the process to achieve the perfect look for any room in your home or for its exterior.

About Sapulpa

Like many Oklahoma cities, Sapulpa got its name from Native American influences. Named for a Creek Indian leader, this town was destined for greatness. Although the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad didn’t come until 1886, the town survived, and about 10 years later, the area saw a boom thanks to the discovery of oil at Glenn Pool.

The town grew exponentially between 1905 and 1920, when the famous Glenn Pool produced 120,000 barrels of oil a day. After that, walnuts were the main industry for a while, followed by a large glass industry.

Still a well-traveled town to this day, Sapulpa’s motto, “Oklahoma’s most connected city,” is a direct reference to its location on the most famous highway in America, Route 66.

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What you’ll get when you let OK Handyman of Tulsa lend a hand:

  • Time – Do you really want to waste a Saturday on garage door repair, or would you rather let a pro who handles these types of repairs every day tackle it and have it wrapped up before the day is out? Most homeowners jump at the chance to call in a pro and save their precious time.
  • Safety – Having the work done right is worth far more than the cost of services. We know your family means everything to you, so when you need repairs and installations, choose a company that can offer safety in even the most dangerous jobs, such as electrical repair Sapulpa can trust!
  • Quality – OK Handyman of Tulsa is committed to giving our customers the best service available. We are proud to say that our services are comparable to any handyman or contractor in the area who handles a single area of service.
  • Speed – Our teams don’t waste a minute getting your handyman services done so we can be out of your hair as fast as possible. We love taking care of our customers, but we also know that they don’t want us hanging around for longer than is necessary. We believe you can get fast, reliable services without endlessly shopping around.
  • Affordability – We don’t think that charging a lot for services is the best way to retain customers’ trust or their business, for that matter. Therefore, we are focused on offering reasonable prices every day, no matter what services you need.

We are so proud to serve the Sapulpa community, and we are looking forward to making you one of our newest customers for all your handyman needs!

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